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Data Visualisation and Analytics Software
A first class domain agnostic visualisation and data analysis application enabling the user to solve large and complex problems in a simple and intuitive way.


Constellation is free open source​ software for data visualisation & analytics

Constellation is a graph focused visualisation and data analysis application enabling data access, federation and manipulation activities across large and complex datasets.


Our software is a NetBeans Java application designed to run on either Windows or Linux desktops. The software is suited to any network dataset with a rich feature dataset, including social network data, network infrastructure, chemical composition and many more.

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Extensible, Flexible, Built For Production

Powerful Analytics

Easy To Extend

Interact With Data

Explore your data from all angles with network, histogram, timeline, map and analytic views.

Pluggable framework allows easy customisation for data connectors, views and algorithms.

Explore, inspect, modify, and manipulate your data seamlessly from your desktop.

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Data visualisation and analytics