Find out about the latest changes with Constellation

What's new in Constellation v2.7

Constellation v2.7 is out now! This includes enhancements to the Data Access View and required field detection along with other features and bug fixes. It’s now even easier to import data files from excel for date/time analysis on large datasets.

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What's new in Constellation v2.6

The first Constellation release for 2022 is now ready for download! Release 2.6 introduces a new Find view to make it easier to search for information on graphs and updates the file import process along with other important bug fixes and enhancements. We’ve made it even easier to gain unique insights into your data using graphical analysis.

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What's new in Constellation v2.5

Constellation Release 2.5 is now available for download! This release includes a major revitalisation of the help system to make it easier for users of Constellation to find help when they need it. We’ve introduced a free-form selection of nodes on graphs so you can more easily select the nodes you want for analysis. Release 2.5 has many updates to existing functionality to improve your data visualisation and graphical analysis experience.

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What's new in Constellation v2.4.0

What's new in Constellation v2.4

Constellation Release 2.4 is now available! This release comes with new features and many improvements to make working with graphs easier, more fun and interactive! There are plenty of bug fixes and enhancements to existing functionality.

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What's new in Constellation v2.3.0

What's new in Constellation v2.3

Constellation v2.3 is the latest version since our last release back in December 2020 and we have so many improvements to talk about. We have a new Welcome Page, Notes View, Improved JDBC Importer, Pin nodes and many performance improvements so that you can work with larger graphs.

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